Limestone Countertops

Limestone CountertopsIf you love the elegant appearance of marble countertops, but are looking for a more affordable option, limestone countertops may be a good solution for you.

Limestone is formed over long periods of time when seashells and fossils are sculpted by aquatic life and sand.  The result is a beautiful stone in a variety of soft colors, perfect for adding warmth to your interior design. Due to this character trait, limestone has become popular with professional chefs and food lovers as it looks particularly good alongside the sleek, modern appliances common in gourmet kitchens.

Selecting the right limestone countertop is very important because softer varieties are prone to scratching however, when chosen correctly, limestone counters can rival granite in both durability and heat resistance.  Limestone is a porous material and is sensitive to acidic foods like lemon juice and tomatoes, so it is important to make sure your counters are properly sealed to protect against stains.  Periodic resealing will help them maintain their beauty and protect them for years to come.

At Cutting Edge Stoneworks, we offer limestone countertops in a wide range of sizes and textures to meet the specifications and design objectives of any project. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote on any project. To receive a quote or to find out more about the many advantages of limestone countertops, please contact us today.