4 Trendy Ideas for Fireplace Surrounds

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While fireplaces have always served as focal points in homes, modern style has expanded how we think about fireplace surrounds. Traditional mantels will never go out of style, but there are endless possibilities to frame your fireplace and turn it into the statement piece you envision.

4 Trendy Ideas for Fireplace Surrounds

Here are 4 trendy ideas for fireplace surrounds:

  1. Seamless surround – Elegant, modern stonework expands the fireplace far beyond its firebox with this style. Instead of framing the fireplace in a traditional mantel, this look gives the fireplace its own wall of beautiful stonework to contrast with adjacent walls. Extend the stonework as far as you see fit for a sleek, modern fireplace surround.
  2. Slabs – A seamless slab of stone transforms fireplace surrounds into modern, elegant statement pieces. The ultra-smooth finish and stone pattern make for a refreshing change from brick or tile patterns and textures.
  3. A touch of stone – Decorative stonework is a great way to add a pop of interest to an otherwise conventional fireplace. Frame the firebox with a natural stone design or incorporate stone in the mantel for a unique twist on traditional fireplace surrounds.
  4. Floor-to-ceiling statement stone – To truly make a fireplace stand out all on its own, luxurious floor-to-ceiling stone slabs create a dramatic effect in any room. Higher-end stone slabs, such as granite and marble, are ideal for this style.

From subtle accents to chic grandeur, stone is a versatile option for fireplace surrounds. At Cutting Edge Stoneworks, we bring our top-quality stone materials and design expertise to every project we do, and we love to bring our clients’ vision to life. Contact us today.