Rugged Elegance: Incorporating Slate Countertops in Kitchen Design

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Slate is one of the lower-maintenance natural stone options available thanks to its non-porous surface and naturally dark color. This alone makes it a stand-out choice for kitchen countertops, and incorporating slate into kitchen design creates a timeless, natural look that is as beautiful as it is rugged.

Rugged Elegance: Incorporating Slate Countertops in Kitchen Design

Here are our top ideas for incorporating slate countertops in kitchen design:

  • Go all in with naturalist design – Slate’s dark, homogeneous look gives it a modern edge that is complemented by light, natural tones and bountiful greenery. Light, wooden cabinetry and plenty of potted plants are a great way to brighten the room while letting the dark slate countertops have their place in the design.
  • Simple white and black – To really emphasize slate countertops, set them against a bright white kitchen for the ultimate contrasting dual-tone design. Add in pops of black accents here and there to really tie in the look.
  • Mix countertop materials – If slate’s dark hue threatens to turn your kitchen into a cave, use it as an accent countertop for the island and go with a lighter material for the rest of the countertops. This style adds interest to the design while also keeping the space bright.
  • Embrace slate for modern kitchens – Thanks to its sleek, clean look, slate is a great choice for modern kitchen countertops. Match it with seamless cabinetry and minimalist design for a chic, modern kitchen that will be a statement all its own.

Whatever design you envision for your kitchen, slate countertops are a low-maintenance, durable, and stylish option to incorporate the luxury of natural stone into your space.